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Triad continuing (French ultramaine, Alizarin crimson and Deep Kadmium yellow)
Oh my God, now I’ve been working with these for about 10 hours in one session, and it’s 6 in the morning. Well, here they are and I will do nothing more on them before I’m well awake again! Good night everyone, I really wonder what I’ll think of these in the morning, right now I don’t have a clue… 🙃🤪🙃

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COLD WAX AND OIL, triad exercises

In this exercise I used French ultramarine, Crimson alizarine and deep Cadmium yellow for my triad. In addition I mixed each of the colors individually with gray value scale. This is exciting work, and it is challenging too. But most of all, it is highly educational! I really look forward to continue on these paintings and to see where they go next.

I wish all of you a very nice and colorful weekend!