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Primaries unleashed

Acrylic play stage. New set of four on paper, work under progress. I had a super fun time out on the porch floor yesterday, squeezing right out of the bottles, and smearing with large cleaning tools and various really unusual other tools as well, including a piece of wood and a curtain rod, yes and a large cooking ladle =)

All images are closeups of the work, I plan to continue these paintings with cold wax and oils. 

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One step closer to finished paintings, monochromatic series.

Monochromatic with sanguine (powder from crayon)

Not very much have happened with these since last time, except for a few more sanguine marks and a little pencil work here and there. I thought however I’d try a kind of paint “framing”, I tried different possibilities out digitally first and ended up with this. I wanted to keep them quiet and to add some more structure to them. Also, since they are so similar, I wanted to make a series out of them. What’s left to do is some smaller adjustments, only carefully placed pencil marks, some fine lines binding the shapes together here and there, perhaps some very small shapes with dense color.