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Collage Challenge, set of four, play stage

When all possibilities lies open, when I’m grabbing a color or three, adding some gesso or medium, or both, mixing them roughly, reaching for my big tools and a roll of tape, oh yes, then all Coronas is forgotten for a while. I hope you all are well 🤔🙃🥰

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Clarifying “Purple engineering I and II”. I’ve been working with these two for some time now, and I do feel they are close to finished, just need to leave them for a little while, and see them with fresh eyes. (The colors are brighter in flesh, will try to take new pics tomorrow.)

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CLARIFYING “Purple Engineering”

CLARIFYING These two “Purple Engineering” paintings.

I love to finally proceed in cwo after rather many many rounds of acrylics and crayons, sanding and scraping and playing on the surfaces.

The quest for finding what I love is continuously ongoing, and for each piece I learn more about that, and about how to achieve it.

Also, I must say that having got a new furry studio pal is such a gift, we are slowly coming to terms with who is in charge of papers and tools, even the tissue papers, which I guess ought to be me in the end… =)

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High key panels, explore stage

Latest and final play in dry medium and acrylics. Now ready for cw and oils, if I can manage to seal the most important marks so they don’t smear, I might be going directly to the clarify stage, I am actually starting to love them.

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Still playing on the hollow door projects, these pieces are starting to communicate with me now, I like the energy, the colors which are almost hidden, the circular movements. Next step will be a little more water-soluble crayons before I proceed in cw and oils.