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Two heading to finished, and 7 new play stages.

Hi all! I hope you are hanging in there in the midst of this very challenging time! Luckily we are not very affected here in Norway, so for me life is just about normal except for when I need to go shopping, which I don’t like doing anyways! So, here is the last weeks work, starting with 2 on the clarify stage, they will be pushed till higher key, slowly and thoughtfully! The next set of 7 is the result of me mixing too much medium and clear gesso for another project. In kind of a panic, I just got hold of some plywood boards, squeezed out a little Cyan, a little Yellow and some Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide because these bottles were closest at hand and started new play in a hurry hurry hurry, which was absolutely not planned and therefore double fun! In other words, not a drop of medium was spilled, but instead I have a lot of new play stages to pile up with all the rest of the play stages waiting for me 😅🙃😱🤪

2 thoughts on “Two heading to finished, and 7 new play stages.

  1. Hi Merete, You and Nelson are certainly doing some great art together. These paintin gs are very good…awesome!

    1. Awe, thank you so much, Nelson do occasionally try to help me, by stealing some tissue paper or a roll of tape, or a collage piece, let’s say by simplifying my work place he probably presumes my work will also be more clarified =)))

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