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“Somewhere south would be nice” work under progress.

This painting is almost finished, I love to play with these rectilinear shapes, houses can be so much, they can contain so much and say so much about the builder and mean so much for the viewer. The next moves on this painting will be to keep the values in check, and to add some more details, yet without loosing the looseness and atmosphere. A bit of tweaking and hopefully this one will soon be ready for framing.

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Clarifying “Purple engineering I and II”. I’ve been working with these two for some time now, and I do feel they are close to finished, just need to leave them for a little while, and see them with fresh eyes. (The colors are brighter in flesh, will try to take new pics tomorrow.)

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CLARIFYING complimentary. Mixed media and cold wax & oil paint on paper. #coldwax #fineart

Finding shapes, scratching and smoothing, muddying and cleaning up. I believe these are now heading towards the finishing touch stage. I love the energy and the silver cool grays together with the purple and yellow and all the different variations of this palette. I would also love to hear what you think of these, so all honest feedback is much appreciated!

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CLARIFY (blue painting) and EXPLORE (yellow painting) Back and forth goes the way towards finished. Up and down and trying and failing and trying some more. Now knowing that nothing is wrong, and that ugly is good, this will always be an exciting way to follow for sure 😅🙃🤓